An astute observation

Wublub made an astute observation in an email to me yesterday morning … It’s time for my weekly blog. Is it ever!! I told him that it would be long, since I’d had such a busy week … Well, maybe not busy, full, at least. When was the last blog? Last Tuesday? So …. What happened between then and now?

First of all, I attended the Bullmoose show at the Horseshoe Wednesday night. I was invited by RP, who produced/engineered their album and recorded the gig on his iBook. I spent about 20-30 minutes sitting at the bar drinking Labatt 50 (DEE-licious!)—it’s no Pil, but then, what is?—and watching the public. What a fun bunch of idiots the general public is. Always trying to be something they’re absolutely not. Stella Artois is a nice beverage, but not at the Horseshoe, and not for $7.50 a pint. And who orders a Bud and a shot of vodka? Oh yeah, and if you don’t know what’s on tap, ask. Don’t keep asking for beers that aren’t on tap.

Saturday was night of DEE-licious wings and Ray. Gwildor, Trikie, Big A and I went down (up? over? Hmm .. where’s Dufferin and Finch?) to the St. Louis for their famous wings … The suicide were a tad too hot, but the hot are very tasty. Suicide causes loss of feeling in the lips and tongue, as well as profuse sweating and runny nose. Hot is nicely tingly. I was fully surprised that so many popular tunes are Ray Charles tunes. Including “Nighttime is the Right Time”, from the Cosby Show where Rudy comes out and lip synchs the loud “Bab-ay! Bab-ay!”

The weekend was generally wasted on Sid Meier’s Pirates! What a wicked game … although, I’m getting a little tired of it already. It’s reeeally long. You have to sail around the Carribean and be a pirate, except when the wind is wrong, you go really slow, if you don’t have enough sailors with you, you go really slow and can’t fight well, and then you have to do these impossible dances with the governors’ daughters. Good game, and some really good side games (sneaking through town after escaping from prison and sword fights with other pirates and ships’ captains).

And for Wednesday I had intended to have a nice gong xi fa cai blog to celebrate the Chinese New Year, but, hey, like so many things with me, it just didn’t happen. Although I did spend a lovely evening at the Rex, listening to the Love Orchestra with special guest DJ Leo Shia scratchin’ things up. I got to hang with h!, T&T and T’s sister, J, as well as DJ Leo himself!

So now it’s Friday … I’m debating a poker game with my roommate and his buddies … I don’t know, I’m not much for poker. I was excited when he asked, but now I’m not so sure.Tomorrow’s a Toronto Rock game, which should be wicked! Lacrosse is such an excellent sport to watch. Lots of action and not a ton of rules to have to follow.

Alright that’s it for me, for now … we’ll see when the next blog makes it out of my brain and onto the interweb …