World’s Worst Web Page

When I created crackerMail v1.0 and posted it on, I felt it a good idea to subscribe to their newsletter. I would like to spend more time developing web applications, so I thought this would give me some ideas, as well as tips and pointers. This month’s newsletter had the winner of the ‘Design The World’s Worst Web Page’ contest. I don’t believe there are words in the English language to describe this page. If any of you decide that you need a website, I’d suggest consulting a few of these resources, before ending up like the winner:

  • Webmonkey
  • W3Schools Web Site Design
  • Design Basics by Jim Frew (2 Jul 1997)
  • Web Development Primer by Ahmad Permessur (27 Nov 2003)
  • Your First Step into Web Development by Mudassar Saeed Khan (29 Jan 2004)

There’s a ton of other sites that discuss design, please look before you leap!