Sink the Ship

So my blog for yesterday (non-existent, as you can see) was cancelled due to a HUGE (!!) hangover! My roommate, Tigerrage, had his annual ‘Sink the Ship‘ party, which I faithfully attended, as a participatory member of the household. I know I added a link to the rules of the game, but ours are changed a little. We had a pitcher, in which an 8 oz. glass was floated… but the object was the same … sink that glass and drink! 4 of us went through 3 Bubbas. That’s roughly 42 beers divided by 4, too many for an old saggy-balls like me! And we went to the bar afterwards! But Tiggs has some good friends, we had a pretty good time. It was a shame they’re weren’t more ladies. :(Although, of the 2 there were, 1 was pretty attractive, and available (as far as I know).

Other than that … this website is falling apart! I don’t blog hardly often enough, I don’t do the reviews that I promise, I never write the editorials that are on my mind … It’s awful. And I looked at the MP3 listing… WOW! It’s horrible! It’s so chock-full of variances that it’s hardly functional … If you want to see the Stevie Nicks stuff, you have to click on the 1 pixel wide line between her and Stevie Wonder. But on the plus side, I set up a little area where you can post a message to me. It’s really just a simple webmail interface … you put in your message and what-not and it sends me an email, all formatted-up with your info. I thought it was a stroke of genius, but maybe not. And as I told Wublub, and as Gwildor is aware, I’m working on making my blogs available as an RSS feed, as well as add a page of other RSS feeds for your (and my) perusal.

Hippity hop, bippity bop … that’s it for now … Stay Cool!