A meaningful title

Alright, well, I cleaned up the MP3 listing, and solved as many of the variances as I could find. The major problem is that there is so much in there that it is difficult to conveniently reduce loading times. I think it’s about where I want it for now, so take it or leave it!

Next step, the RSS Feed. I think I’ll need to modify the way I do blogs to be able to create a useful feed. Unlike many other bloggers, I don’t have a title on my blogs, just the date. As well, there’s no ‘description’. Gwildor‘s description is just the whole blog all over again, which I don’t want,but I also don’t want to have to write a blog and then summarize it too, and come up with a meaningful title. I don’t know, we’ll see.

I’ve got some stuff on the go for the Admin section of my site (that only I can see … unless you’ve hacked my site … you bastards!), namely a To Do list and an Upcoming Events section. Some of you may realize that I have not been sending out birthday or anniversary cards as much, that’s because I was using the calendar in MS-Outlook. Now that I’ve moved to Thunderbird, I’ve been using the Palm Desktop (an earlier version, but pretty much the same) calendar, but that means I actually have to look at it (which, as you can just imagine, I don’t).

I plan on focusing on for the next little while, to get things up and running, since I’m at least 6 weeks behind right now. But that doesn’t mean other stuff won’t get done. I’m trying to curb my television viewing to allow for more web development time … we’ll see how that goes. I mean, really, it’s not like there’s too much on anyway.