Appreciate the feedback

I appreciate the feedback I got on the last post … I didn’t expect anything quite so astute from Joey Jack! Thanks a bunch, guys, I definitely got the insight I wanted … although I was hoping for more …

So the ‘puter at home seems to have died. It shut down fine the other day and now I can’t power it back on. So, you won’t see anything Now Playing for awhile, but I will try to keep things updated from one of the 2 other ‘puters I have, or from work (as I’m doing now!). I think it’s the power supply that’s toast. If I can’t get it running tonight, I’ll buy a new power supply tomorrow after work and try that out. If I’m at the store getting new stuff, I’ll probably get some more RAM for the machine and another fan for the gaming ‘puter.

Update (Friday, March 11,19:30ET): The word of the day is Yahoo! Not like the search engine, more like a cowboy, but not quite a Yee-haw! I replaced the power supply on my ‘puter and now I’m cookin’ with gas! Of course, when I was down to the computer store, I picked up another 256MB of RAM … WooHoo!!