Some jackass honked

I’ll apologize right off the bat about this rant, but, man, am I irked! I know I’ve mentioned to a few of you my utter distaste for the use of the car horn, but I’ve found recently that there are really no words to describe how much I truly hate the car horn!

Yesterday, on my way to work, some jackass honked (the honker) at a guy who was finishing his left turn (the honkee) as the honkee’s light turned red and the honker’s light turned green. My comment: “Settle the f— down! Some day you’ll need to make that last minute left turn and you’ll prefer no one honks at you.”

Yesterday, on my way home from work, some jackass honked at a guy in front of him turning right on a red light. The honkee was obviously hesitant to turn on the red light, since there were pedestrians at the corner. My comment: “Settle the f— down! Some day you’ll be planning on turning right on a red light and you’ll prefer no one honks at you while you make the decision that the traffic, vehicular or pedestrian, will accomodate you.” Furthermore, since you don’t have the first, foggiest clue what that other driver is seeing (that may cause him to hesitate), give him the benefit of the doubt.

Finally, this morning, it was all a matter of the next guy not watching the flow of traffic. At this particular intersection, there is technically enough room for 3 lanes, while only 2 are marked. A taxi pulled from the marked right lane into the curb lane, leaving only just enough room in the right lane for the car behind the taxi to continue down the road. Of course, the jackass in the car behind the taxi honked, then proceeded to continue down the road. But, of course, he managed to crowd the car in the left lane, so that jackass had to honk. The taxi’s passenger embarked (woof! woof!) and the taxi began pulling away from the curb .. crowding the right lane (honk!), then completely cutting off the right lane (honk! honk!). My comment (wait for it…): “Settle the f— down! Pay attention to what’s going on and you won’t be surprised by what happens.” By the same token, if you’re not paying attention, you have no reason to honk just because you were surprised.

Okay, that’s it for now … I’m done … honkity honk honk!