brekfers’ sammidges

Okay, I’ve started this blog 4 times and obviously never quite finished it. It was supposed to be done Monday morning, but, as they say, shit happens. Anywho, I finally had a breakfast sandwich from Tim Hortons. Not bad. Not great either. I had the sausage one. It was a sausage ‘n’ egg sandwich; nothing to write home about—except here I am writing. I had a problem with the tea biscuit. To steal a phrase from Star Trek, it began losing structural integrity and I need to re-route power to the containment field. Translation: it started falling apart, so I had to hold it funny. The English muffin, croissant and bun approaches definitely work better. I didn’t find it too salty, as I’ve heard other people say, but it was kind of expensive, $2.49 for a sandwich is a little pricey.