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Michi Sushi

Asahi Beer at Michi Sushi

Black Sesame Ice Cream at Michi Sushi

Sorry, I’m not accustomed to taking pictures of my food to share with people, so I don’t have a picture of my delicious Bento box from Michi Sushi. Salad, glass noodles, sashimi, tempura, teriyaki beef. Very tasty.

I have a picture of the Asahi beer, and the black sesame ice cream.

If I have any complaint, the teriyaki beef could have had more teriyaki sauce, but everything was terrific.

The service was excellent, and the servers easy on the eyes. I sat at the counter and watched the sushi chefs whipping up some excellent-looking dishes.

The next time any of you are in Regina, and interested in good, traditional sushi, try Michi on Scarth Street at Victoria.