Canada in winter

So, we’re into the second week of January and T-Dot just got it’s first snowfall. It started with sleet, freezing rain and ice pellets, and is now mostly hard, frozen snow and slush. We had a whole bunch of people late for or absent from work yesterday, due to the weather. I would have thought that yesterday was enough to remind drivers what winter is, and what winter driving is all about. Nope.

This morning I saw a dude stuck in a snowbank. Well, of course, it was the dude’s car stuck in the snowbank. And as expected, the dude was gunning the engine trying to force himself out. All the while polishing the ice to a nice, shiny, mirror surface. Had I not been in my business casual attire, with highly inappropriate shoes for winter walking, I might have considered helping the guy out. But I learned the hard way how to get a car out of a snowdrift, and this guy will too. (Hey, I even had a great time dropping my truck into 4×4-low and plowing through a snow-filled ditch  when I spun off the road. Good times!)