Casting stones

I’m often amused and frustrated by the general public. My experiences often have to do with riding the TTC. This morning, on my way to bagpiping, there was a HI-larious show.

One  gentleman, let’s call him Clippy, was trimming his fingernails with a nail clipper. (Yeah, kinda grody, but is it any worse than him biting his nails?) One young woman, we’ll call her Booky, was reading. One older gentleman, Ralph (’cause it doesn’t matter any more than the other two), was sitting quietly. Booky asked Clippy to “please stop doing that, it’s disgusting.”  (I silently agreed.) I was reminded of something about a “pot calling the kettle black”.

Ralph decided that he would weigh in and pointed out that maybe Booky shouldn’t be lying across two seats if she’s giong to be accusing someone of doing something unacceptable on the subway. The discussion between Booky and Ralph escalated while Clippy stopped clipping.

I agree with Ralph: If you’re going to accuse someone of anything, maybe make sure you’re in the clear.