Congratulations to the Calgary Flames

So, Wednesday morning, a couple days late, but I’ll put in a little note of congratulations to the Calgary Flames. They put on a good show and came from 6th place in the Western Conference to 2nd in the league. Way to go! There’s always next year.

Also, equally late, I got the chance to see an armload of movies this past weekend: The Day After Tomorrow, Timeline, Paycheck and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. All very good movies. I’ve the read the books Timeline and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and was a little bit disappointed by the film version. But I have to qualify that by saying the books are significantly longer and more detailed, and I understand the screenwriters and directors have to find ways to tell a similar story without having to include all the details. And I think they succeeded. You can check out the reviews once I’ve finished them all. (Tue. June 15 – 2 reviews finished: The Day After Tomorrow and Timeline)

And, well, Gwildor and I are in good shape on the Settlers of Catan online version (tentatively called Hexed Peasants, to avoid copyright infringement). I actually made a solid contribution this week: I came up with a way to add the appropriate letter to each hexagon, including not adding the letter to the Desert hex. I’m quite proud of myself, and now have a real stake in the game, that I didn’t feel I had before.

Update: I just got back from downtown, with a new heatsink and fan (which in my Chemical Engineering lingo I prefer to call a cooling tower) for the new computer. I have installed it, attached the temperature sensors, and powered the computer on. YAY HAY! and WOO HOO! It runs like a charmer. The processor is still a little hot, 41.5 °C, with the fan at 4250 rpm … this was while installing Rise of Nations.