Max Silverman

Just a quick plug for my local NDP candidate, Max Silverman … although I’m considering submitting a blank ballot, this guy impresses me. I can’t imagine that he’ll have enough presence to beat out the Honourable Joe Volpe (Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development), who is the incumbent, but I wish him luck. I have yet to find a party leader who has consistently intelligent things to say, and who says the things that his party believes, not just what will get them elected. Jack Layton comes close to setting a party line, but Paul Martin and Steven Harper? Nice try. Paul Martin said the other day that he would step down if he broke any campaign promises. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I literally laughed out loud, by myself, early in the morning in my apartment, I let out a great, big belly laugh. Yeah, step down, right. Steven Harper distances himself from comments by former Alliance members who toe the Alliance party line, and yet that’s his party. Do they let just anyone into this thing?