New motherboard

Boy, I didn’t realize I hadn’t posted in almost a week, but I guess my computer’s really only barely back in business. I got the new motherboard and 256MB of DDR RAM … the new motherboard has onboard audio, video and LAN, excellent. No. The onboard stuff interferes with my other stuff, so I can’t use my shiny ATI Radeon 7000 video card nor my NIC … oh, but the onboard LAN wouldn’t start this morning, so I couldn’t listen to FreakRadio … so, I get home from work and put the old NIC back in before I power the computer on … but now the onboard LAN decides to work, so I have to disable it so it doesn’t interfere with the NIC … grrrrrrr….

And the new computer likes to power itself off now for no known reason, so I’m going to have to spend the next few days sorting that out … grrrr … I just tried again right now, it got through the boot-up, then shut off… grrrrrrr.

Anyway, congratulations to my cousin Fiona on her engagement. Her mother, my cousin Donna, called me Tuesday (?) to ask if I would bagpipe. Of course! And how much would it cost? For family and/or friends … not a penny!

Gwildor‘s got a solid start on the online Settlers of Catan … I’d like to say that we‘re working on it, but it’s really all him. I’ve got a couple of ideas, but I think he’s probably got it under control. I’ll see what my puny brain comes up with over the next few days.

I’ve been having a good time at work … What!?! How’s that!?! … No, really, it’s because I’ve been playing with ASP again. The stuff I do is really kind of useless, but it makes me think and it takes my mind off the retards … again, I apologize to people who are legitimately mentally challenged.