Consolidate Good Times, Come On!

Like a giant nerd, I have spent the last few days migrating two blogs and two commenting systems to WordPress (WP). There’s a really good WordPress plug-in that quickly and easily imported my Tumblog into WordPress, but that was the only easy part.

After that, I had to write a PHP script that would get my DIY blogging database (posts and comments) into WP. And not lose the connection between posts and comments, because they’re entirely separate in both systems.

Finally, I had to write another PHP script to import my Disqus comments and associate them to the right WP posts. Unfortunately, Disqus would only provide me with a weird disassociated XML file that I ended up having to parse and insert into a database, for further parsing and sorting, before I could add the comments to WP.

All in all, not terrible, and a little bit fun. (My sister made fun of me a little.)