Contempt and burritos

Sorry, everybody, I’ve spent the last few days feeling nothing but contempt for the human race. From drivers who don’t pay attention to pedestrians and honk like idiots all the goddam time, to smokers flicking their cigarette butts everywhere, to selfish, pushy jerks on the subway and bus.

So, since I’ve been downloading ridiculous amounts of TV lately, I’ve been reminiscing with season 3 of Quantum Leap, catching up on the last couple of seasons of Charmed (gotta love the hotties!), and getting an introduction to Six Feet Under. Not to mention keeping up with season 3 of Deadwood. This keeps me out of public areas where people piss me off!

Plus I made a wicked burrito filling concoction of seasoned ground beef, refried beans, Mexican-style rice and sweet corn niblets. I ran out of large tortillas and had to make do with the small ones, so I made a kind of tortilla pizza. Delicious!