Decide What’s Important

Important?And do that.

That’s my motto. I’m not fantastic about it making it happen myself, but I’m trying to make it what drives me.

Because all too often in my work, I run into situations where we try to decide what to do and how to do it, and rarely consider whether it’s the right thing to do. And the easy way to decide whether it’s the right thing to do is to know what’s already important.

For example, I’m in an operational position where I’m generally supposed to do what I’m told (as directed by someone in a tactical position, who’s been given direction by someone in a strategic position). But there is little to no direction given to me, so I make things up. Are they important? I don’t know, but they seem important to me, and to the few people who will benefit from the work.

Recently, I heard about something else that seems important, but that I had never about until then. Not even a little bit. Not even rumours. And still no one actually said it was important and that someone should work on it.

So I’ll keep working on my things until someone steps up.