Please tell me what you need

When someone asks me to do something, if they provide no further direction, I trust that it requires no further direction. All too often, that’s a poor assumption.

Person Who Should Be More Helpful: Hey, can you please disable the nomination form?

Me: Absolutely. It would be my pleasure.

Forms are my business. Even though I’m not familiar with this nomination form, it must be related to the URL provided earlier in the email.

I can’t seem to find anything other than a PDF and the person making the request could have removed the PDF himself. I must have missed something obvious. I search the website, look through the folders. Nope, no form.

Me: Hey, I can’t find the form. Where is it?

PWSBMH: Oh, yeah, I deleted the link. It was pointing to this other server. Can you disable it on this other server?”

Me: Sure. It would have been super-helpful to know that what you need has almost nothing to do with anything you mentioned.