Easter bonnet

Well, sorry the lack of post in the last couple of days … My ‘puter is now on its 4th power supply in 2 weeks! “Sonnuva …!” The first one died. The second provided power to 3 of 4 units (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Primary HDD, Secondary HDD). The third worked until this past weekend when it decided to start rebooting the computer at random intervals. So, this 4th better do the f—in’ trick! The dude at the store suggested that if the 3rd didn’t work, to buy a brand-name unit. (The other 2 had been OEM units.) So that’s what I did, I bought a shiny new Enermax 350W PSU, w/ fan control. If it doesn’t work .. “Somebody gonna get hurt reeeal bad!”

In other news, Gwildor and Trikie are just about ready to move into the new house. Woo Hoo! They’ve been busy this week cleaning, repairing, painting, etc. I was over there this past Saturday helping out. G and T figured I’d have a big rant (honk! honk!) about the stupid things people do, and don’t do, to their houses, but the less said the better. Let’s just say that the previous occupants were lazy and filthy, and any work they put into the house (if any) was slipshod and halfassed.

Today at work, to be able to dress casually, we have to wear an Easter bonnet. So I cut out some paper egg shapes, coloured them with highlighters and stapled them to my Raising the Roof toque. This way, I can make a [small] statement about homelessness in the Big Smoke, and wear jeans!