Back up and running

Oh yeah, baby! The ‘puter is back up and running! WOO HOO! I don’t think I can explain just how much I need a functioning computer in my life. Email, internet, Freecell, oh, and the actual work that gets done (hardly ever!). I can’t seem to live without it. And you know why? Do you? No? Let me tell you … there is fully shit on TV! I can’t watch that crap all night! Well, actually there is some good programming, but it is eclipsed by so-called Reality Shows. Come on, there’s nothing Real about Survivor, Fear Factor, The Apprentice, American IdolThe Amazing Race is maybe a little closer to real than those others, but not by much. I want to watch This is Wonderland, Tuesdays at 9pm on CBC, or House at the same time on Global… Nope! The roommate has to watch The Amazing Race! Oh well, whatever.

So, I mentioned that Gwildor and Trikie were preparing to move into the new house … That has become reality! Now there’s a reality show for you … poor bastards having to pack up their shit and move! What a nightmare! I mean, it worked out pretty well, but what a pain in the ass. You should have seen us pushing and pulling and dragging and shoving that damn couch through the doors. Aaarrgghh! Anyway, they’re in. Congratulations!

Finally, you’ll start seeing titles on my Blogs, in preparation for the RSS feed. You’ve probably already seen the ‘edited by Big Cracker’ on some of the Blog responses .. I haven’t put in any function to delete responses, but I will try to clean them up a bit, if necessary .. So far I’ve added my own comments or fixed the hyperlinks. crackerMail v1.01 is almost ready, would already be ready if I hadn’t had computer troubles. It’s mostly in testing right now, I’m fixing the reported bugs and adding a little more functionality. The main change for v1.1 is attachments and that’ll be a little while longer, so I’m putting together an interim solution.