Just a quick note … I don’t know what happened to my site, but everything is all fuhjibbered … I think I made 1 change to a style and now it’s wrecked. I’ll try to sort it out tonight. I was trying to make it XHTML 1.0 Strict-compliant, but have had to drop that to HTML 4.01 Transitional-compliant, mostly because I’m not bright enough to work it out properly. Oh well, what can you do?

Oh, and, a little note from my buddy T:

“Every Sunday in April, I will be playing in a new project called Ebb. It features Kevin Barrett on guitar and Drew Birston on bass, playing mostly original tunes, or tunes we wish were original. Due to his need for peck implants (just kidding), there will be two bass subs. The first week will be the amazing Rich Brown. The second sunday will be the lovely AND talented Chris Banks.

So if you folks are looking for something to do on Sundays in April between 7ish and 9ish,  come down to the Rex Jazz Bar on queen and say hello. No cover and I promise not to sing.”