Frank Miller’s Sin City

I just have to fire off a quick blog, since it’s been a week since the last one. Last weekend I went to see Frank Miller’s Sin City—f—in’ amazing! I’ve been trying to write a review for it for several days and it hasn’t quite happened.

Other than that, it’s been a pretty boring week. I released crackerMail 1.0.1 RC1 and have put together a preliminary RC2 based on the feedback. And that was it.

I have 2 funny stories from the last couple of days … Yesterday, while walking home, 3 dudes in suits were walking in front of me, 1 of them was eating a chocolate bar. Chocolate-boy tossed his wrapper on the ground beside the garbage can and continued walking. His buddies stopped and began harassing him about littering and coming back to put his trash in the can! They kept harassing him, but he never went back for the wrapper. Although 1 of the other dudes picked it up and put it in the can. I was about to bust a gut witnessing the whole scene!

And this morning on the bus the [female] driver asked everybody to move to the back (I was already sitting, so the instruction didn’t apply to me). Nobody moved back! So the driver says, “If I wanted to be ignored, I would still be married … Now move to the back!” HI-larious!