I forwarded this video (This video has been removed by the user.) to all my Facebook “friends”, but I figured I’d also hit those of you non-Facebookers. This guy presents exactly the same point that I would (if I could get off my lazy ass and do a video or write an essay or something). Update 2012-08-10: Sorry, the video’s been removed. The dude was talking about how whether climate change is true or not, there’s no reason not to act.

The whole concept of global climate change is abstract, subjective and not entirely verifiable. This leads naysayers to inaction and doomsayers to extremism. I think that there’s a middle ground, of sorts. Regardless of whether climate change is a reality, there can be no harm in driving less, using more energy-efficient products, reusing products, reducing waste, recycling, etc. Generally, reducing your “environmental footprint”.

I’m not saying throw out all your incandescent light bulbs and replace them all with energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs, but as the incandescents burn out, replace them with fluorescents. Don’t stop driving altogether or go out and buy a hybrid, but give a little more thought to where you’re going and why and try to combine trips, or park once and walk. Hey, if anything, you may get a little more exercise. When the time comes to replace your vehicle, give a little more thought to what you need and why.

I realize that it gets pretty cold and snowy here in Canada, so you want to turn the heat up, have nice, hot showers, walk less, drive more and curl up with snack foods that have excessive and non-recyclable packaging, but there are options. I think it would be good for all of us to go out and find them.