Another survey

Okay, everybody, I’m whipping out another fancy AJAX survey. I don’t exactly know what I intend to do with the results of the survey, but I’ll let you know. (And for those of you joining us from Facebook, you’ll have to view the original post to see the survey.)

If you’re not aware of my wicked, kick-ass, web-based e-mail program crackerMail, take a moment to read about it. I created crackerMail with the intent of being able to access fully my multiple e-mailboxes from one handy-dandy place, with no restriction on the computer or firewalls. It works like a charmer, for the most part (there’s always something that can be upgraded), and I love it.

The problem is that it needs a more politically correct name. So, I’m asking you guys to hook me up with a cool name.