A new domain

Alrighty, everybody, I need your help. I’ve decided it’s time to [slowly] start my career as a freelance web developer and technical writer. My focus will be on web-based procedural documentation and communications.

The main web site is going to be a tips and hints blog about HTML, javascript, PHP, MySQL, and general web design concepts. I plan to write two short pieces and one detailed piece each week. with a weekly podcast encompassing all three pieces. (While I plan to write all this stuff, it may not actually happen right away.)

I will also include the portfolio of stuff I’ve done so far. My target market is smaller business with smaller budgets who can accept fairly simple, yet entirely functional and usable, site designs. (I’m very much a simple, two- or three-column. non-Flash designer.)

I need your help with a site name and thus a domain name. I have nothing in mind, so I’m looking for your suggestions.

Update (Sep 27): Ha! I’m an idiot. I built a fancy AJAX survey thingamajig and forgot to upload the right code to make it actually show up on the right  pages. Sorry, kids.