Happy-eh New Year-uh!

So, here we are in 2006 …. I’m in a new apartment that I’m still in the process of moving into (maybe one of my New Year’s resolutions should be to get my stuff out storage), I have a job that pretty much sucks, but it pays well, and I spent last night drinking and having a generally good time with good ol’ Gwildor, Trikie and Big A.

This year’s resolutions (seriously) are to find a new job and lose some weight. Along the way, I won’t be disappointed if I manage to get some part-time work as a bartender, get some other part-time work building websites (I mean, check out, fabulous and all mine! well, thanks to h! for the artwork.) and get some time to build some cool javascript and PHP scripts for other people to use.

In other news, today is my Mommy’s birthday … I know there are other days during the year that are other people’s birthdays, but today is a special day generally, and happens to be also my Mommy’s birthday. It’s also one of my colleagues birthday, so come Tuesday, when I’m back at work, there’ll be treats for everyone! (Yeah, we have to bring treats to work on our birthday … nobody brings us treats because it’s our birthday.)