Inkless Wells

As you will now notice there is a link to Inkless Wells, Paul Wells’ weblog, in the left-hand navigation menu. It took me awhile to sort out the necessary code to open the new window, since the menu is built using PHP code and a MySQL database. And the menu is not actual hyperlinks to the pages, it is all Javascript ‘onClick’ events for the table cells.

It sounds complicated, but once you sort out the nuances of the different forms of code, it makes sense …. Well, it does to me anyway.

I’m still working on the MP3s, and in making them available on the site. Since I don’t want to have to load 2000 MP3s onto the server, I’m hoping to set-up a way for registered users to request specific files and make those available for a set period of time. The request will send me an email to put the file on the server, then the user will get an email letting them know it’s available. Once the time period has passed, the file will not be available, and I will have a list of files that need to be removed from the server. Pretty wild, eh? Yeah, if I can ever get the logic sorted out!

Alrighty, well, time to put coffee on and start sorting out the 6 cu.ft. pile of papers and what-not all over my kitchen table… Take care!