Web page editor

I have this shiny website. I spend a lot of time and effort with the fancy Notepad to create it. I’m comfortable with Notepad. In fact, gwildor even mentioned once that he’d seen a website with a “created in Notepad” note on it (check out I use PHP, MySQL, and javascript in my site, and all of it edited in Notepad. I have EmEditor, which is nice when tracking down problems, ’cause it’s all colour-coded and what-not, but I like Notepad better.

My main point is really about not using MS-Word as your web page editor. I frown on taking a document that is intended for printing on paper and making a web page…. The Internet is on computers! If you’re going to use an HTML or web page editor, use MS-FrontPage, Dreamweaver, or Adobe GoLive, but not MS-Word. Granted Microsoft makes some shiny software and it can be used to build web pages. Don’t. There’s a thing called the Internet … wait, isn’t that what we’re talking about … yes, the Internet, jam-packed full of information: 95% porn, 1% personal websites (with dubious content), 2% legitimate information, and the final 2% websites about making websites. (I made up those stats, it’s probably closer to 97% porn.) So, in that 2%, there should be somthing for you to help you make a good website … and you can probably use Notepad.