Ride for Diabetes Research

Hey, everybody, I’m committed to putting an end to juvenile (type 1) diabetes by participating in the Ride for Diabetes Research. Juvenile (type 1) diabetes is the most severe form of diabetes. It is unpreventable and strikes infants, children, teens and young adults leaving them insulin dependent for life, facing a future of uncertainty due to the threat of developing devastating complications. By completing the secure on-line contribution form you will help accelerate the pace of diabetes research to find a cure.

Come on, everybody, help me out!

Update (Sep 19): Okay, everybody, Smokey‘s already donated. And if he can do it, anyone can!

Update (Sep 22): Seriously, people, I’m not even half way to my goal of $100. All I need is for 10 people to donate 10 bucks each. It’s all online; you don’t even need to get out of your chair. Come on, how ’bout it?

Update (Sep 26): Well, I’m a little disappointed in you guys. Mommy came through and bought the rest of my chocolate-covered almonds … wait, sorry, donated enough to meet my goal. But I still think you guys need to step up.

Kicking AssUpdate (Sep 29): So the event was yesterday and went fairly well. Now that have a better idea of the event, I’ll fill you in. The idea is for a five-person team to ride a stationary bike as “far” as possible in 40 minutes. So, basically, each team member rides as hard as they can for eight minutes each. Considering I’m entirely out of shape, I did not too badly and made it 5.8 kilometres. The problem I was having was keeping enough tension to be able to maintain a strong, comfortable pace, but not so much tension that I was fighting against the bike. One of our guys had the tension a little to loose and was spinning out a lot. Our two strongest riders made 5.9 kms each, and our team overall made 28.2 kms. Among the five of us we raised $740, surpassing our goal of $550. And thanks to you guys, I managed to beat my $100 fundraising goal and raise $190! Plus, I got a picture of me kicking ass and being cheered on by a Toronto Argos cheerleader!