Where’s the cracker?

So, I’m sure you’ve all been wondering, where’s the Big Cracker? What’s he up to? Why isn’t he writing? Well, I’m here to answer those very questions ….. drum roll …. wait for it …..

I don’t know.

I haven’t been too busy, but I’ve certainly been preoccupied.  On the advice of Shuttergirl, I started watching Rome. What a super-duper show. Although, I’m pretty sure it couldn’t be broadcast anywhere but HBO, due to all the violence and nudity. I’m only about half-way through the first season, but I love it and I’m going to track down season two asap.

My sister got me watching Doctor Who. I’m slowly making my way through seasons three, two and one, in that order, sort of. I’ve seen all of season three and really enjoyed it. (The Daleks got a little annoying.) I’ve seen most of season two and I don’t much care for Rose Tyler. The stories are pretty good, but Rose has a kind of monkey face that gets on my nerves. I’ve sen a few episodes in season one and I like the dynamic between this Doctor and Rose better than the season two/three Doctor and Rose, but not as much as the season two/three Doctor and Martha Jones. (It might also be that Martha’s super-hot and Rose, as I said, has a monkey face.)

What else? Oh, yeah. Season two of The IT Crowd is HI-larious! I only have one or two episodes left (since the seasons are only six episodes). And I love it, again. The sets are a little better than season one and there’s a little more time spent outside the office. Plus, the stories get into a little more of the wacky personal life of introverts like Moss and Roy.

I also got out to see the Sunparlour Players at the Rivoli. h! was trying to describe their music and came up with “rootsy, bluegrass with  lot of yelling”. My definition was “hard rock, folksy, bluegrass”. Pretty close. In any case, a loud, foot-stompin’ time with banjo. I also caught the Worst Pop Band Ever at the Rex yesterday. Always a good show.