Evacuation … day 1

So, here I am, evacuated. I’m not sure how many people I told, but my landlord needs to get some dudes in to work on the sewer line. Because I live in the basement, the sewer line is in the floor of my apartment. To work on the sewer line means to open up the floor of my apartment. Not a big deal, but it means that I have dirt and dust all over the place, and holes in my bathroom, laundry room and kitchen.

My landlord was gracious enough to find me a new place just down the road, about 2 and a half blocks. It’s closer to the subway and on the 2nd floor, so I get a nice breeze through the windows.

Also, my landlord hooked me up with chips, candy, beer, juice, water, popcorn, shampoo, conditioner, soap, towels, deodorant … he even hooked me up with  a razor and shaving cream, and I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I only shave with a blade once a month.

And the place where I am now hooked me up with wireless internet access, so I’ll have to see what illegal activity I can get up to!

That’s it for now! Payce! (oh and Happy Birthday, Gwildor! he’s the big 2-9 as of Thursday)