Evacuation … day 2

Aaaaahhhh …. The air mattress that I got hooked up with had to be re-inflated in the middle of the night. Needless to say it was generally flat all night; I may as well have been sleeping on the floor. So I stopped by the ol’ Canadian Tire for a new air mattress. Aaaaahhhh, it feels so nice. I just plug it in, turn it on and it fills up all on its own. Some of you may say, “You should get compensation!” But I figure as long as I get a good night’ sleep, and the mattress remains mine, for future guest usage, what difference does it make? True, I have a lovely futon that sleeps 2 very comfortably, but what if I have a crazy drunk, weed-smoking, strip poker-playing, hedonistic weekend? I’ll need an extra mattress for the swingers to sleep on!

To respond to comments from yesterday … I think I would have had some major issues without the internet, but really nothing 24 beers couldn’t solve!!

And a quick update… I was over to the apartment to check on some illegal downloads of some TV shows, which should finish by the time I get back from work tomorrow, and found a giant (1.3m long x 0.6m wide x 0.6m deep) hole in my kitchen, and the associated pile of dirt taking up the space where my stove goes. I’ll let you know what I find when I head in tomorrow night to check the downloads again!