Explanations, Apologies and Compromises

This is partly last week’s Thoughtful Thursday post, but mostly something altogether new. It’s true, faithful readers, that I didn’t post anything last Thursday. That’s mostly because what I had to say was really whiny and I expect you’re getting tired of it. Also, I was pretty exhausted last week from a bunch of things and the post wasn’t up to my highly-discriminating standard.

I’d like to draw your attention to one old and two more recent posts to explain, apologize and compromise. The first post is from a few years ago in which I alert you to the possibility of our discussions ending up in this blog. I don’t apologize, but I do admit the possibility that you might not have been aware of our disagreement when it appears here. My intent is not to be passive-aggressive, it’s more likely that our interaction prompted me to think about weird things and they came out in this blog.

Second, a significant portion of my life and at least some of yours happens on social media. I know far more about some of you than I ever thought I would, especially those of you I see only on occasion, or maybe never. If I gave the impression that I would no longer be your friend because of one random thing you posted to Instagram, that was not my intent, but I don’t know if I can be clearer without sounding like an asshole. My story about you includes all of our interactions and if an increasing number of those interactions contribute to a more negative story about you, I will likely lose interest in that story. Unfortunately, an increasing number of our interactions happen on social media, where neither of us can control the message the other receives. I hope that makes sense and means what I mean.

Finally, if you’re angry, upset, frustrated, disappointed, or within any other range of emotions, with my posts, feel free to let me know in an open and honest way. I’d like to believe that I’m open to disagreement and discussion about my posts. Although I might get defensive, you have every right to let me know how you feel, and I’d like to have the opportunity to respond. Comments here or through Facebook and Twitter are welcome, and might prompt me to call you up to invite you for a beer and chat. I like beer and chatting.