A few aesthetic changes

So, I’m not sure if you can tell, but I’ve made a few aesthetic changes to the site … Did you notice? Are they any good? I’m having phun with Photoshop … making all kinds of nice little fancy graphics. (Should there be a comma in there somewhere?)

Oh, by the way … WOOO HOOO!! I finally got a new job! I got a secondment position, I’m filling in for a lovely young lady on her maternity leave. I’ll be updating, reviewing, writing, etc. manuals for the front-line staff of my company (which has been in the news lately). I think it should be a lot of fun. I don’t start ’til Jan 3 but I’ve got a project already that I can work on a few hours a day, to get accustomed to things upstairs.

And since now I’m staying in the Big Smoke, I’m looking for a new apartment. My sister’s friend lives in a house with a bachelor suite on the top floor which is available, so I’ll check that out. I definitely want to be more centrally located. I really enjoyed living downtown when I first moved to T Dot. Wish me luck!

Update I’m not kidding about the survey on the left … I’m really looking for some input on what else should go into the left-hand column … What do you think?