Monday morning

Yeehaw! Monday morning! I have a little extra time this morning, since my shift is now 10-6. A month ago there were 4 of us doing the same job, now there’s 2. Excellent! What a way to manage attrition (good word, hey?) or employee turnover. (Not quite as good as a cherry turnover, but it’s all good.)

I had a sufficiently productive weekend. I’ve made some progress on crackerMail v1.1. I was asked to add an option to check all messages when selecting messages to delete, no problem. I wanted to add an option to sort the list by From, Subject or Received. It took a while, but finally I was able to steal some excellent code to do it. (I’ve acknowledged the authors from whom I stole code.) Except then the ‘check all’ didn’t work anymore. So a little playing around, got it working again … except only in Mozilla, not IE6 … SONNUVA..! So a whole ton of playing around and almost rebuilding line by line, I got it all working. Very nice.

The game I told you about, where I couldn’t get past one of the missions, and Gwildor so kindly pointed out that he got past it … Well, I got past the mission and have done another mission. Now I’m a full level past where I was, I’ve leveled up all my skills. I’m now on my way to being a gunslinger. Except I think my talents would be better suited to being a coder … I’ll think about it. I have a really good time shooting dudes and then dropping them with an ‘overhand smash’. That’s where you boot them in the gut then smash down on their back with both hands and drive their faces into the pavement! Woo Hoo!