Gay Pride week

So this weekend was the Gay Pride parade, to conclude Gay Pride week. I have one question, though, when’s my heterosexual pride week and parade? I’m not trying to be a jerk, I know several gay people and they’re fantastic people. I just find it funny gays and lesbians feel the need to celebrate their sexuality publicly, while the rest of us suffer in silence.

In other news, h!, ‘leeeza and I went out for dinner to Lalot [restaurant] Saturday evening. Lalot has a great eclectic, asian-themed menu and a very minimalist decor. The location’s a little sketchy, but once you’re inside, it could be anywhere. h! knows the owner’s brother-in-law’s brother or girlfriend or I don’t know what. The connection was rather tenuous. But, in any case, we had a great time, with great conversation.

If anyone knows of any other great or cool restaurants in town, especially great chicken wing restaurants, let me know. I’m now quite eager to get to know great dining in the city.