Get both shoes on the right feet

Whew, another week already? I’ve been at work at least an extra hour every day this week, well, except Monday. Wednesday or Thursday (I don’t even remember anymore!) I worked an extra 2 hours and yesterday an extra 4. Woo hoo! Overtime pay!! But it’s really for the kids … well, immature adults who can’t help themselves. I really wonder some days how these people get both shoes on the right feet, get them tied up, and get themselves to work.

For those of you wondering (and I’m sure nobody is), I work at a computer software support help desk, helping what should be mature, knowledgeable people use software to do their jobs. My colleagues and I would be significantly more effective if the callers actually knew their jobs. I mean, I can help them use the software, they really need to know why they’re using it, what they’re trying to do with it, and they need to recognize when they’ve accomplished what they’re trying to do.

I just picked up my morning coffee … ahh, coffee, the elixir of life … it got me thinking. I’m sure I’ll have to concede that my Maxwell House Original Blend is probably not the fair trade coffee that I read about in Maclean’s this week (with an excellent cover story on the (in)famous Sue Johansen). I think fair trade coffee is an excellent idea, paying the farmers no less than what it cost to produce the coffee.