Happy Birthday

A quick note to say Hey, Howdy! And Happy Birthday to Gwildor! The big man is now 27 years old … still not as old as Big Cracker, but nobody wants to be that old!

I got my tax refund and the reimbursement for my wisdom tooth extraction, so I’m going to pay off my credit cards, pay down my line of credit and buy another computer. Why do I need another computer? I don’t. But as I mentioned at some point, my video card is not good enough for The Matrix Online, so it’s time to upgrade.

I’ll get a bigger hard drive for this computer and use it as an all-purpose, all-around workstation. I’ve got the little IBM for PHP/MySQL web developing, and I’ll keep some space on this one for ASP developing. The new one will be for games, and I’ll try not to clutter it up with trash. Eventually, I want to get this one set up for moving all my old cassette tapes to digital format, and for editing my videotapes.