Go-karting with my niece

Happy Birthday to Me!

So, I had intended a quick post again after the babysitting gig, but I stayed for dinner, hung out a bit, then ended up going out for drinks with Santo/Nelson, Big B, and Santo/Nelson’s fiancée, E. She’s a little hottie, that’s for sure.

I went go-karting with my niece, Friday, then went with her and my sister to a new-ish sushi place, Sushiro. Fantastic sushi, and great staff. We had a bit of a chat with the manager, very friendly. I highly recommend it!

Saturday was spent with my buddy J. My old University roommate R came by in the a.m. with his wife T and their son MR. Then J and I spent the day mostly screwing around. He took his Jeep Cherokee through these huge muddy puddles in this gravel parking lot and got the thing absolutely filthy … fantastic! We checked a couple of bike shops for some cruiser bikes, along the lines of the Rat Fink. Cool!

Then we went for some drinks, J’s wife R met us after work for some appis and beers. Then party-time! It was a housewarming for J and R and MY BIRTHDAY!! Woo Hoo! It was kind of funny, one of the girls who came over for the housewarming brought her husband and son … I had gone on a couple of dates with her back in the day … and if memory serves, I kind of made an ass of myself… Anyway my dad and step-mom were at the party, as well my sister and niece, J’s parents and my good friend Juicy, who got married last weekend. Happy Birthday to me!

Had a nice family dinner last night. And played Settlers of Catan. My dad and step-mom teamed up, since there was 5 of us and the game is only for 4, and they won, but I’m not sure dad really knew why he won. Good Times!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Oh, by the way, today is my birthday … the big 3-0 … woo hoo?