Sunshiny Thursday

Just a quick update on a sunshiny Thursday morn’ in Saskatoon .. ToonTown .. the Bridge City .. Hub City … well, whatever. There’ll be more this evening after my babysitting gig with J & R’s little red-heads, P & E. P is a left-handed, red-head … I don’t remember what that means, but I know each used to be bad stigma on its own, and she’s both. But she’s fantastic. So’s the littler one, E. R’s a red-head, so it’s not really surprising that the kids are too. R still hasn’t found me a woman. From what I understand, she hasn’t found any single women, period. J thought of 1 young lady, but she has waaaaaay too much baggage. I’ve got my own issues, let alone have to deal with someone else’s. That’s why I’m single anyway. Woo Hoo! More than 10 years single!!

I managed to get out to see my buddy Santo/Nelson and his buddy, Big B. They were out to get shoes for Santo/Nelson’s wedding in October. Then we went for beers at a new Irish pub in town. The beers were good, the service was good, but the place was mostly empty. And I hear the food’s nothing to look forward to … too bad, nice atmosphere.

Well, Gwildor and I might have a customer for our web hosting business. One of my sister’s friends has a business and I had an email from her business partner, so I’ve got that discussion on the go. I think it should be promising …

Take care, and get back to work!