Good-bye to Wublub and Gonch

It is with great sadness that we say ‘Good-bye’ to Wublub and Gonch. They will be making the big move to Saskatchewan. Best of Luck to them in their adventures.

Anyway, I had a pretty good weekend … crackerMail v1.0 is almost ready for release, just some final touch-ups needed.

Oh, and man, I saw the funniest thing Saturday night … The Parliamentary Press Gallery Dinner (sorry, that’s the best link I could find, so far) on CPAC. I have a huge admiration for the Governor General, and she was HI-larious. The Dinner is pretty much a roast of everything and everybody in Parliamentary circles and Adrienne Clarkson poked fun at all of them… Even herself. She came out dressed like a backpacker … lampooning her own lavish travels around the world. She then had Margaret Atwood join her for their rendition of ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’. Paul Martin and Jack Layton seemed to be having a pretty good time, even at their own expense. But, boy, that Steven Harper is a sourpuss. He put on a pretty good show when he was at the podium, but when he was the brunt of the joke, he had a pretty tight-lipped smile. And, congrats to Peter McKay (Deputy Leader, Conservative Party of Canada) who showed up in a kilt!

And obviously nobody cares, since nobody mentioned a problem, but I noticed a problem with the CFL stats, Edmonton was all screwed up … for whatever reason once Edmonton clinched a playoff berth, they became Edm. … it’s all fixed now … well, once the file updates.