Well, now I’m 25% of the way through the bartending course and I now know how to close and do inventory control. My instructor, Big Al, never really sticks to the topic, but I think we still cover everything we need to. Big Al also has c.r.a.f.t. moments when he “can’t remember a f—ing thing.” But, again, we get it worked out, and he’s a lot of fun.

I published a short .php script on the Shared Stuff page. It’s the database manager I was working on. It’s specifically for working with MySQL databases, assumes you’re already connected to the database, and requires you to know the SQL statements for working in the dBase, but it’s as functional as it needs to be. It’s not secure, so it needs to be in a secure location on the server .. I can write a login script for it, I guess .. If anyone wants it, let me know. I’m also going to be cleaning up the crackerMail files for publishing over the next few days.

Update … only minutes later … (look at me with the updates .. like my life moves that fast!) I just got home from work and guess what was waiting in my mail slot … wait for it … an autographed copy of the Corner Gas – Season 1 DVD!!! Yeah, f—in’ A! Autographed by Brent Butt (aka Brent Leroy), Lorne Cardinal (aka Davis Quinton) and Tara Spencer-Nairn (aka Karen Pelly). Wicked!! Thanks to my buddy J (and I guess R and the kids)! Awesome!