My first bartending class

Oh yeah! Big Cracker can free pour you a whole ton of drinks with vodka in them! Sometimes mixing them up with Tequila, instead. You like Black Russians (Vodka with Kahlua)? Well, maybe try a Black Mexican, also known as a Black Bull (Tequila with Kahlua). Maybe you like a simple Screwdriver (Vodka with Orange Juice), why not mix it up a bit and have a Harvey Wallbanger (Vodka with Orange Juice and Galliano)? Or try Harvey’s southern cousin, Freddy Fudpucker (Tequila with Orange Juice and Galliano). All of those would be served over ice in a highball glass. Woo Hoo! Good Times!

If you didn’t guess already, I had my first bartending class last night. I had a really good time. I was surprised that it’s mostly women. There’s 3 dudes in a class of 13. We had to tell everyone who we were and why we were there… One girl’s whole reason: “I’m a student, I’m a mother, and I’m broke.” … ‘Nuff said! So, there’s a variety of people in my class… poor Shirley barely speaks English, but she’s getting through… Agnieska, Aggie for short, is a day care worker looking to do something different… most of the other people are ‘between jobs’.

What does that mean, ‘between jobs’? I was between jobs once, I called it unemployed. It was the time after I quit one job and was looking for another … again, unemployed. I guess if you generally do contract work and you have contracts that leave a gap, you’d be between jobs … But does this happen with a lot of people? Hmmmm … I don’t think so.

Update several hours later … I finished my quick-and-dirty dBase manager. It works as well as I want it to and I’m sure I’ll upgrade it a bit over time … But at least the Puzzles are corrected now.

And … Way to go Roughriders!! Saskatchewan is now 2nd in the West … Only 4 points (2 wins) behind B.C. Too bad we can only make up 1 game … even if B.C. loses their next 2 games … Against Calgary and Saskatchewan.