Good without the tooth

Well, still no new editorial for y’all, but I’ll at least blog something, since it’s been almost a week.

I’m feeling pretty good without the tooth, but the mouth is still a little sore. It’s a weird sort of tension, it’s kind of hard to describe. I feel like I’ve got stuff stuck in my teeth, but there’s nothing there.

No big news, nothing to really link to… Oh, well, yay LEAFS!! I’ll cut some slack to all the Sens fans out there, Ottawa was definitely the better team in the series. But that Eddie Belfour can sure stop that puck! Yeah, yeah, I’m in TO, so I’ll be a good boy and root for the Leafs. With nobody blocking for Belfour and their dump-the-puck offence, beating Philly is not gonna be easy.

I’m trying to keep up with TSN‘s changes on the Playoff board, so things may go funny every now and then with the playoff stats on the left. I think it’ll be good for another couple weeks, ’til Round 3 gets posted.

Anyway, that’s it for me for another day … Luvs ya!!