Good stuff coming up

Wow, 2 in 2 days! I’ve definitely never been a prolific writer, but I’ve got some stuff to add to yesterday’s blog. First, I’ll respond to my sister’s response to yesterday’s post, then I’ll let you in on some good stuff that’s coming up.

So my sister asked, “What the hell does ‘blog’ mean anyway? Is it a kind of onomatopeic word describing the disgorgement of the brain onto the internet?” And her guess is not far from the truth….

‘Blog’ is short for Weblog. Stolen straight from

A blog is a web page made up of usually short, frequently updated posts that are arranged chronologically — like a what’s new page or a journal. The content and purposes of blogs varies greatly — from links and commentary about other web sites, to news about a company/person/idea, to diaries, photos, poetry, mini-essays, project updates, even fiction.

Blog posts are like instant messages to the web.

Many blogs are personal, “what’s on my mind” type musings. Others are collaborative efforts based on a specific topic or area of mutual interest. Some blogs are for play. Some are for work. Some are both.

Blogs are also excellent team/department/company/family communication tools. They help small groups communicate in a way that is simpler and easier to follow than email or discussion forums. Use a private blog on an intranet to allow team members to post related links, files, quotes, or commentary. Set up a family blog where relatives can share personal news. A blog can help keep everyone in the loop, promote cohesiveness and group culture, and provide an informal “voice” of a project or department to outsiders.

To see some examples of different types of blogs, see our Blog of the Week archive.

So there’s a quick and dirty lesson on blogs. Of course my links to gwildor, wublub and Inkless Wells are good examples of blogs as well.

The 2nd thing I want to mention is the Distillery Jazz Festival, here in The Big Smoke! I’ll admit, I knew nothing about this festival until today, but my good buddy h! is for Hulk sent me an email today to let me know about it.

Direct from the horse’s (Hulk’s?) mouth:

T and I have been tapped by the festival to put a show together which involves 4 new videos set to live music (also new) performed by the Love Orchestra. This is the first new work I’ve shown in close to two years, I think, so those of you who haven’t had a chance to publicly ridicule me lately should definitely come out. Rotten tomatoes will be provided at the door. (note: the band is not to be harmed)

SAME DAY, SAME FESTIVAL, DIFFERENT LOCATION, DIFFERENT TIME! Prior to the video screening, The Love Orchestra will be doing a performance with Ming Hon, a crazy little modern dancer with a formidable knowledge of all things Stevie Wonder. I have no idea what this gig will be like but Ming-a-ling promises laughs, and possibly, giant masks. Woo-ha!

Depending on the time of day, I don’t know if I’ll make it. But if h! is for Hulk is involved, I suggest you try to get to it yourselves… Hey, how many people even read this thing? h! is for Hulk says May 26, but keep an eye on the Distillery Jazz Festival website for more updates. I’ll try to keep up-to-date myself.

Well, that’s it for now … consider this my first foray into making “Jazz in Toronto” info available on the site.