Forgotten my loyal readers

Okay, I’m disappointed that there were no responses to the last blog. But, hey, I know you’re all busy, busy people. I just want to mention that I’ve got kind of a big post on the go, and I was hoping that it would be ready this morning, but I’ll get it finished for tonight. I haven’t forgotten my loyal readers!


Sure, yeah, my sister has to post something today and prove me wrong… Indeed, there are responses to the last post!

So you should see the new Jazz link on the left… I have a review of last night’s Love Orchestra gig at the Rex. What a great show! You can post responses to that as well.

I’m working on a message board … maybe I’ll just grab a forum from somewhere, rather than screw around with it myself. I’m also going to add some new stuff to the Jazz area, hopefully, like a schedule of cool stuff going down around town. Maybe if Santo wants to get involved, we’ll get Jazz in Saskatoon, too.