Guitar Hero III – review

Woo hoo!! It’s been a week with Guitar Hero 3 and the wireless guitar and I’m definitely happy with the investment. To be fair, the soundtrack‘s not spectacular, but now even non-Xbox 360 players get some Pearl Jam and Iron Maiden, and now we all get some Metallica. I’ve managed to finish the game on medium (and five-starred it!) and I’m in the middle of hard. I got massively stuck on the guitar battle with Tom Morello, so I went back to five-star medium. I’m past him now and a little worried about facing Slash.

I really like the guitar battles, both in the career and multiplayer play. I don’t much care for the cutscenes after finishing a section. I have seen most of most of them, but I really don’t see the need for them. In Guitar Hero 1 and 2, you simply moved on to bigger venues, I think that’s all that I want to do here. I don’t need a whole narrative around my career. And I love the wireless guitar. Being more mobile and not have to worry about where I am and what the cord is knocking over or getting caught on is really helpful.

8 out of 10 saltines. Damn you, Tom Morello!