W for Whatever

Wow! What a whirlwind weekend!! Okay, well, not really, I just liked the alliteration. Friday included a good game of Balderdash. We only managed to get through one game, due to the drinking, talking and smoke breaks. Then Saturday included Settlers, Scattergories and Sequence. But it started off with moving a full-size stand-up arcade game (like this, sort of) for Gwildor, and was highlighted by a viewing of the wicked V for Vendetta.

What an excellent movie. It’s a good thing that Natalie Portman has grown up, I’ve been feeling slightly dirty since The Professional. And it’s a good thing that Hugo Weaving wears a mask through the entire movie, ’cause I think it would’ve lost all credibility if Agent Smith or Elrond had shown up halfway through. And, believe you me, that’s all I would’ve seen. I already had a tough enough time going from Smith to Elrond in LOTR. All in all, some great effects, a great story with some fun twists and a happy, yet sad, but entirely satisfying ending.