Guitar Hero

I think Gwildor might get upset if I don’t mention this. I bought Gwilly’s PlayStation 2 from him (much to the chagrin of his brother; sorry bro’). I bought it just to play Guitar Hero (1 & 2). My criteria for purchasing the game console (I have been shopping around) was to be able to get the console and Guitar Hero 2 (with guitar controller) for less than $200 (preferably tax included). I’m always on the trailing edge of Gwilly’s technology, mostly because I’m a cheap bastard. So it worked out well when GW decided to pick up an Xbox 360, for which Guitar Hero will be available in the very near future. Of course, for the 360, GH will be available for cooperative play via Xbox Live and will have downloadable tracks for expanded play capability, but I’m happy with what I’ve got.

My first impression: wicked. I had played one tune once at Gwilly’s place and done not too badly, then I played another tune another time and got slaughtered. Now that it’s mine I was expecting a similar learning curve. But no, right off the bat I whipped through I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll with no problem. Not fantastic, mind you, but very acceptable. I played another couple of tunes (on the Easy setting) and did alright. So I tried another tune on Medium. Whoo, boy, Medium is not Easy! On Easy you use 3 buttons one at a time, on Medium, you use 4 buttons sometimes 2 at a time. Very different level of complexity. I’ve now changed my play mode from Quick Play to Career, using Medium difficulty. It’s challenging, but it’s how you unlock new tunes. (I could always use Gwilly’s saved stuff, but I want to play the game as it was intended.) I’m moving up not too badly, but it’s not easy. I tried Fat Lip by Sum41 and No One Knows by Queens of the Stone Age and bombed! But I did surprisingly wicked on_ Higher Ground_ as done by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Good Times!