Hired and fired

I had the pleasure of riding the subway yesterday with my upstairs neighbour, Shuttergirl, and she mentioned an article in the Metro about demotions at work. It reminded me of the situation at my workplace, where peoples’ jobs have been fundamentally changed. The exception in our case, as compared to the article, is that no one’s job is changed without his permission. The management makes a point, when fundamentally changing a person’s job, of making him apply for the new job and giving him a specific date when the old job will end. Naturally, the old job may be extended when the actual nature of the new job is determined, but in the end, we get fired and re-hired (or just plain fired).

I would certainly hope that not only should employees consider the implications of the article, but employers might benefit as well, and get as crafty as my employer at changing employee’s jobs.

* I use him as the objective personal pronoun when referring to an indefinite subject, such as a person and no one. That is the traditional form of English grammar and I have yet to see any reason to change.