Money Money Money

Or maybe, Mony Mony (… but the version by Billy Idol) … Anyway, I had an odd flash of brilliance this afternoon and I’ll apologize now that this thought is a little deeper than Bud’s; I know you guys don’t care for legitimate deep thoughts, neither do I, they’re not as entertaining.

Anyway, I was on the phone with Mommy and it occurred to me, “Why do large companies have to make so much money?” For example, I work for a large company that made 2 billion dollars last year. I realize that it’s only an American billion (a thousand million, instead of a British billion, which is a million million), but it’s 2 thousand million dollars. That’s a fuckin’ shitload of money! They need to make it, because they need to pay dividends to their shareholders. But why do they need shareholders? The 2 billion is profit. Over and above operating costs, they made 2 billion dollars. So getting the work done is all paid for; this is 2 billion dollars more than that. So what do shareholders do? It’s not like they’re investors who paid to get the company going. And the buying and selling of company shares doesn’t make money for the company. So why do we need them? And if we don’t need them, then why do we need to make 2 billion dollars?

In other news, I’ve decided it’s time to find a new job. I hate working for the company and managers that I work for, so if anyone’s got any brilliant ideas, shout ’em out!